Boulder, CO Favorites

Over New Year’s I visited good friends in Boulder, Colorado. Our days were filled with eating, drinking and of course outdoor adventuring and yoga to balance it all out. I stopped by some of my favorite spots, all very GF friendly (duh, it’s Boulder)! I hadn’t visited in a few years—in fact, not since I shot the images below. Their crazy winter weather was the same though: a mix of snow and the kind of sun that makes you think you’re in LA. Basically the perfect combo and a great place to start the new year. It’s so easy to be active and healthy in this town! Details to your GF dreams are in the captions below.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. GF pasta and bread is made by hand at Frasca // 2. Snowy mountains set the scene // 3. Happy hour by the fire at The Kitchen Upstairs // 4. The coffee bar at Boxcar Coffee // 5. Almond butter cup from the totally GF, community-supported restaurant (CSR) Fresh Thymes //6. A server at The Kitchen Next Door // 7. The Combo Bún at Black Pepper Pho: pork, chicken and shrimp egg rolls made with rice paper in a gluten-free fryer // 8. Sunny winter day on Pearl Street at Boxcar Coffee // 9. GF pizzas at Pizzeria Locale

Parents Latina | Tamale Party

It’s not every day that you get to photograph your friend and her family for the cover of a magazine! Monica Pierini not only modeled for the most recent cover of Parents Latina, along with her husband and son, she also food styled the entire feature! Here’s a little sample below. So pleased with how this one turned out! The pattern, the color, the authentic vibrancy of Monica’s beautiful family. Prop styling by Carla Gonzalez-Hart, wardrobe by Laura Pritchard, hair and makeup by Briana Chapman.


Sunny Hostin at Home | People Magazine

When I heard from the photo editor at People Magazine that The View's Sunny Hostin had her own chickens, I thought: I'm going to get along with this woman. And that I did. Sunny and her family are gracious even when you interrupt their Sunday goings-on for a photo shoot for the Hollywood at Home issue of People. The issue is out this week--enjoy Sunny's 1920's Tudor starting on page 76!


Zola | Look Book

I love when projects allow me to the chance to craft a brand story through lifestyle, still life and interiors photography. It’s even better when everything takes place in an enviable Brooklyn townhouse location. My recent collab with The Working Assembly for Zola was all of these things and with a great creative crew to boot! Production by Northern Spy Productions, prop styling by Martha Bernabe and grooming by Susan Phear.


Country Living | Fish Fry

Summer is all about shooting things in season: peaches and tomatoes, lush trees, people with their feet in the cool water of a placid lake. Naturally, it’s always slightly torturous for me to wait an entire year for these editorials to hit the newsstand. I’m excited to finally share an idyllic fish fry story I shot in Alabama last summer for Country Living. It was damn hot and the sprinklers turned on on my gear, but we all got to jump in after we wrapped, immediately erasing any challenges from our minds! Recipes by Dawn Perry, food styling by Marian Cooper Cairns, and prop styling by Heather Chadduck Hillegas.


Garden & Gun | Bermuda

When Garden & Gun suggests a quick hop over to Bermuda to document the local scene for a summer travel story, there is only one option...pack your suitcase, find a cute assistant, and get on the plane!

The weather had plans of its own (all in all there were only 5 hours of sunshine to work with!) but the amazing views, healthy GF breakfasts, and colorful towns made the trip totally worth it. Favorite moments included a taxi-ride around the island that brought me unexpectedly to the hotel where my parents honeymooned, the steady stream of delicious meals courtesy of sous chef Paul Higgins at Marcus’, and the stunning water of Horseshoe Bay.

Pick up the current issue of Garden & Gun for the full story!

Simple Green Smoothies | Cookbook

I really believe in everything in moderation but I'm always trying to be a bit more virtuous with my breakfasts. Maybe I like to start the day leaving room for myself to be bad later? It took me a bit to really get into green smoothies—my concoctions were often too earthy to get excited about. This shoot, for the Simple Green Smoothies cookbook, helped me get inspired to experiment and (yes, I know this sounds crazy) be less intimidated by earthy, muddy “failure.” Jen and Jadah showed me there are endless possibilities and I’m so happy that their recipes are out in a print collection! I had a great time shooting the lifestyle portion of the book in California with their beautiful families. Our two days were spent playing by the pool, going to the farmers market, and blending up lots of healthy goodness. Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot: