Boulder, CO Favorites

Over New Year’s I visited good friends in Boulder, Colorado. Our days were filled with eating, drinking and of course outdoor adventuring and yoga to balance it all out. I stopped by some of my favorite spots, all very GF friendly (duh, it’s Boulder)! I hadn’t visited in a few years—in fact, not since I shot the images below. Their crazy winter weather was the same though: a mix of snow and the kind of sun that makes you think you’re in LA. Basically the perfect combo and a great place to start the new year. It’s so easy to be active and healthy in this town! Details to your GF dreams are in the captions below.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. GF pasta and bread is made by hand at Frasca // 2. Snowy mountains set the scene // 3. Happy hour by the fire at The Kitchen Upstairs // 4. The coffee bar at Boxcar Coffee // 5. Almond butter cup from the totally GF, community-supported restaurant (CSR) Fresh Thymes //6. A server at The Kitchen Next Door // 7. The Combo Bún at Black Pepper Pho: pork, chicken and shrimp egg rolls made with rice paper in a gluten-free fryer // 8. Sunny winter day on Pearl Street at Boxcar Coffee // 9. GF pizzas at Pizzeria Locale

Favorites: Holbox, Mexico

I just got back from a jaunt to Holbox, an island that I chose quite specifically not only for its weather and ceviche, but also for the lack of things to do. I’ve been tired. I wanted to feel the sun on my shoulders, to wander aimlessly, to not have to make decisions for a few days. Holbox surely delivered that, along with some surprising food (gluten-free empanadas at Luuma!), and refreshed my eyes and spirit with its perfect breeze, vibrant color and lack of viable internet. Some of my favorite things are pictured and captioned below. The images center heavily on my base camp, Casa Las Tortugas, where I spent at least half of each day reading on a comfy beach bed under the palapa. Dreamy, dreamy. Oh--and though not pictured, I would highly recommend an eating tour of the carts around the main plaza, coffee and smoothies from Tierra Mia, and quesadillas, tamales, and lovely service from Abominable Maria.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Palomas on the roof at Mandarina // 2. The beach dining area at Mandarina // 3. Breakfast at Mandarina // 4. The beach at Casa Las Tortugas // 5. Guacamole and Shrimp Tostadas at Los Pescaditos // 6. The courtyard and pool at Casa Las Tortugas // 7. Tacos and margaritas at Barba Negra // 8. The beach at Casa Las Tortugas // 9. Details at Casa Las Tortugas // 10. The view from Casa Las Tortugas' entrance // 11. Detail of one of the many murals on the island // 12. Seashells and dreamcatchers for sale in town // 13. The pool area at Casa Las Tortugas // 14. Aguachile and more tacos at Barba Negra // 15. Murals and bikes in town

The Kitchn | New Orleans

Last month I had the chance to visit New Orleans for my friends at The Kitchn, and while it was not my first encounter with this magical city, I’m never bored with it. NOLA has a special way of making you enjoy going with the flow and creating new experiences. What started off as a trip with goals and plans ended with my flight back home being grounded, extra time in the Crescent City, and a masquerade ball and dinner hosted by Mario Batali for the Link Stryjewski Foundation (an organization that supports local youth empowerment groups). I scrambled to find something to wear, but it was totally worth it as the Bal Masqué featured an amazing array of dishes by some of the best chefs around the country. My favorite dish of the weekend was a boozy, citrusy, Baked Alaska type thing called “Satsuma Business,” born from the minds of Babbo’s Rebecca Deangelis and Nick Morgenstern. In typical over-the-top New Orleans style, The Kitchn’s Managing Editor and I stole a whole one from a nearby table and dug in with spoons after finishing our own slices. And though I may not rock an evening gown with high tops again for the foreseeable future, I’m grateful for another wonderful trip, surprises included.

Barcelona Favorites

Welcome to the second installment of favorites from my fall trip to Europe with prop stylist Martha Bernabe! Check out some of our Barcelona finds--captions are below the images.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Cortados from Satan's Coffee Corner (they also have great chia pudding if you’re in the mood for a healthy breakfast) // 2. Architecture in el Born // 3. The original tile floor in our room at Casa Bonay // 4. Catedral de Barcelona // 5. Pastries from La Colmena in el Gótico // 6. Razor clams and pimentos de padrón at Casa Ricardo in Barceloneta // 7. Treasures at the Encants flea market // 8. Snacks from el Mercat de la Boqueria // 9. Figs from a shop in Barceloneta // 10. Fruit from a shop in Barceloneta // 11. Architecture in el Gótico // 12. Tapas from El Xampanyet // 13. Interior of Gaudí's la Sagrada Familia // 14. Detail of flowers placed over a Miró mosaic on la Rambla // 15. Gaudí architecture at Park Güell 

Amsterdam Favorites

I enjoyed four beautiful fall days in Amsterdam last month with my travel buddy, prop stylist Martha Bernabe. Here are some of our favorite discoveries, with captions below the images. (Definitely rent bikes--it's the fastest way to see all of the neighborhoods!)

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Architecture along the canal, The 9 Streets // 2. Our room at The Hoxton (ps—they have the good coffee, from Lot Sixty One Roasters) // 3. Bar Bukowski (they have gluten-free beer!) // 4. Coffee at Ree7 // 5. Gluten-free date bars and other goodies at Pluk // 6. Bicycles in the 9 Streets // 7. Healthy lunch from SLA // 8. Architecture along the canal, City Center // 9. Picnic supplies from Marqt, enjoyed in Vondelpark // 10. The cozy bed at The Hoxton // 11. Croissants (not gluten-free!) from Petit Gâteau  // 12. Globes and plants in a window, City Center // 13. Pigments at Rembrandt House Museum // 14. The Rijksmuseum // 15. Dessert at Bak // 16. Tabletop goodies at Shuka // 17. Vintage clothing mixed with new stuff at The Darling // 18. Bike riding in Westerpark


Over the summer I spent an afternoon hanging out in my neighborhood with British restauranteur and food writer Russell Norman. It was pretty darn awesome because he's a truly lovely person and has very good taste in Brooklyn restaurants. We visited Maison Premiere and feasted on oysters and bourbon-based cocktails, spent time in the garden at Roberta's, and basically demolished the ribs at Rye, all pictured below. Russell's book Spuntino: Comfort Food (New York Style) comes out on November third.


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