Boulder, CO Favorites

Over New Year’s I visited good friends in Boulder, Colorado. Our days were filled with eating, drinking and of course outdoor adventuring and yoga to balance it all out. I stopped by some of my favorite spots, all very GF friendly (duh, it’s Boulder)! I hadn’t visited in a few years—in fact, not since I shot the images below. Their crazy winter weather was the same though: a mix of snow and the kind of sun that makes you think you’re in LA. Basically the perfect combo and a great place to start the new year. It’s so easy to be active and healthy in this town! Details to your GF dreams are in the captions below.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. GF pasta and bread is made by hand at Frasca // 2. Snowy mountains set the scene // 3. Happy hour by the fire at The Kitchen Upstairs // 4. The coffee bar at Boxcar Coffee // 5. Almond butter cup from the totally GF, community-supported restaurant (CSR) Fresh Thymes //6. A server at The Kitchen Next Door // 7. The Combo Bún at Black Pepper Pho: pork, chicken and shrimp egg rolls made with rice paper in a gluten-free fryer // 8. Sunny winter day on Pearl Street at Boxcar Coffee // 9. GF pizzas at Pizzeria Locale