Afar | Jamaica

I'm excited to share my latest travel story in the current issue of Afar Magazine. This was my fifth time in Jamaica, which never ceases to inspire me with its robust culture. The colors, textures, smells, and sounds of the island continue to layer on top of each other during each visit, and the sum always keeps me wanting more. In this article, writer Mark Byrne is shown a new perspective on Jamaica by one of the island's most famous proponents, Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell. Chris gets Mark out of the resorts--which is what I too would recommend to anyone wanting to visit this island nation. There's so much to discover from the mountains to the sea and honestly, the driving isn't any worse then on the BQE. You know you've gotta get out of here in February or March, so perhaps a Jamaican road trip? There's plenty of great coffee to keep you fueled.